Spring into Cabin Season

Spring is upon us and if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of individuals who will be opening up their cabin this spring the first visit since fall can be like a journey into the unknown. Your cabin is a place of relaxation, not one of stress.

Developing a quick checklist of tasks or checkpoints can keep you at ease during the winter months.

  • Cleaning! Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and everywhere inbetween! Maintaining a tidy and clean space will make you smile when you leave in the fall and smile when you walk back in the following spring.
  • Turn on the utilities. Check for leaks or odd smells
  • Take a walk around your property. Is anything out of the ordinary? Any damage to the exterior of the property. Any rodent or animal holes which raise an eyebrow?
  • Replace your furnace filter. You should do this every 3 months in a primary home. Usually once per year in a cabin is just fine 🙂
  • Test your smoke detectors.
  • Review your insurance policy. Is it active? Does it include your boat, jet ski, dock, and other toys that are used at the cabin? What liability limits do you carry? Is there medical payments coverage for accidents while out on the water?
  • Think about a home security system or home monitoring system. Cabins are targets for crime and deturing potential criminals from your property with automatic lights or motion sensors can keep your property safe.
  • Know who has access to the cabin. Kids? Friends?
  • Review the House Rules. If you don’t have House Rules MAKE THEM.
    • Who can drive the boat
    • How family or friends communicate with you regarding when they are visiting and who is tagging along.
    • What is off limits
    • Housekeeping and how the premise is to be left when they leave

A well put together plan is the key to making owning a secondary property simple. Make your summer an enjoyable one just by making a plan and communicating with everyone involved.


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