Home Security

Many houses, one protected by glass domeOur habits and #awareness can make or break the chances a burglar will target our home for their next crime scene. Homeowners take for granted the fact they have neighbors, live on a busy street or have locked doors and windows… but did you forget to lock the door? Did you leave your keys under the mat for a friend or neighbor to be able to get in? Safe neighborhoods are made by those who have safe habits. Lets review a few theft deterrence tips.


Lock your windows, doors and arm the alarm each time you leave. This one is obvious but one of the most common causes of break-ins. If you will be gone overnight or for an extended period of time make it look like your home is being lived in. Leave a light on, have your mail held at the post office, don’t schedule any deliveries for when you are gone, and if you have a smart home set the lights to go on and off at various times. If you are going to a restaurant and valet park only give the attendant your car key. Valets can make copies of your house keys, obtain information from your car’s computer, or take a picture of your keys for later use.


Use your foliage to your advantage. If you plant shrubbery near windows choose plants with thorns or that will scratch or deter potential intruders. Always keep your shrubs and trees well pruned as it gives the appearance your home is occupied. Install motion sensor lighting on all sides of your home and if you are feeling extra ambitious add a wide-angle camera to the light to record any suspicious activity while you are away.

Entry Points

Never have hollow core doors on the exterior of your home. These doors are easier to forcibly knock in and are not as sturdy overall. Using exterior doors with minimal windows or by installing burglar resistant glass (or glass coating) will prevent glass breakage for the purposes of unlocking the door through the glass panel from the interior of the door. Metal reinforcement plates for the door jamb can prevent thieves from kicking in a door or forcing entry through brute force.

Use Your Neighbors

Do you have an overly attentive neighbor? One that always seems to know what is happening in the neighborhood? Make friends with them! If you are going out-of-town for a while let your neighbors know, that way another set of eyes will be on your home, and any suspicious activity can be more easily spotted. Your neighbors have an interest in keeping their community safe and free from crime. It is in everyone’s best interest.


Make it a habit to keep valuables, wallets, purses and other important documents out of direct sight from potential intruders. Thieves are more likely to break a window to get to your purse that is obviously sitting on the kitchen counter than they are if nothing is easily available or accessible. Using blinds, curtains, drapes, and window fixtures should always be a given. Don’t leave any window wide open to peeping. If you life close to a street or have windows on or near ground level make a habit of keeping the blinds drawn and the windows closed. These are easy access points for entry or scouting by burglars.

Thinking that a theft or intruder will not choose your home is the worst mindset. Your insurance may cover any stolen items, replace your property, and bring you whole but your mind will not let you forget your home was the target of a crime. And that it may happen again. Best to develop positive habits that will serve the present and future security of your home.

Watch this short video and see how learning from a Puffer fish can help us with home security 🙂


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