Spring Gardening & You

Whether you are an avid gardener or a homeowner who just goes outside to maintain your yard as a necessity, making sure your body is prepared for the task is crutial. Whether it is raking to clean and airate your lawn, trimming the bushes or planting this years annuals, make your time outdoors productive without the next day soreness and pain.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a first timeS homeowner take things slow! Working for hours on end the first day won’t leave you with a positive spring outlook, it may create a lingering sense of distaste for gardening and outdoor lawncare.

Here’s a few must do tips prior to going outside:

  • Stretch prior to working
    • Spending 10-15 minutes stretching will improve your range of motion, prevent cramps and reduce soreness the next day
  • Use good lifting motion
    • For anyone who has ever had back issues you know that proper lifting motions are crucial to limiting strains and injuries to your back. For those of you who think you are invincible; pack injuries are common and painful! Try to avoid them at all costs.
  • Use positions that are comfortable
    • Take breaks every 30 minutes where you get up, move around and stretch.
    • Avoid stretching or reaching farther than normal. If an item or weed is outside of your reach make sure to adjust your position or get up in order to make the distance more manageable.
    • Don’t always kneel. Vary your positions between being on 1 knee with the other leg up, sit with your legs out to one side or sit on a stool that gets you closer to the ground. If you do kneel or work on one knee always use a pad or towel to keep your knee joint from directly touching the ground.
    • When raking avoid over-reaching. Smaller strokes are better for your body and keep you from tiring or straining muscles quickly.
  • Avoid overhead, consistent work for long periods of time
    • Having your arms over head can place additional strain on your heart causing you to tire more quickly. Break any overhead trimming, hanging or other work into small time frames to avoid potential issues.
  • Hydrate!!!
    • Carry a water bottle outside with you
    • Keep it close
    • The recommended fluid intake if you are working outside is 8 oz per 20-30 minutes of time outdoors working


Time Outdoors

Attractive Landscape

Added Home Value

Flowers, Foliage and a pleasant experience for you, your neighbors and guest

Finding time to spend outdoors helps morale, physical fitness and gives us all a change of scenery. Finding time to spend outdoors stimulates your body, brain and senses. It can be a family friendly activity or one that you spend finding your inner zen. Don’t miss out on the advantages of the great oudoors (whether it be in your own backyard or beyond!).

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